Personalized Services Offered

You choose from a variety of personal services according to your individual needs and preferences.  Because it focuses exclusively on your needs and preferences, you only pay for services you require.  The goal of your Personal Service Plan is to promote your health and quality of life by combining the care you need with the independence you cherish.  You can have as little or as much assistance as you need or desire.

3 RN’s 

Amy, RN, BSN, Teresa, RN, Jane, RN work with you on intake evaluation, 30-day assessment, and then ongoing 90-day assessments to ensure your personalized care is meeting all of your needs.  Our nurse staff along with our tenant/family has ongoing provider/pharmacy interaction to help with any change of condition.

24 Hour Nursing

Per Iowa Assisted Living standards, we are not required to have a nurse in the building 24 hours a day.  Forest Plaza Assisted Living does have availability to Amy, Teresa and Jane 24 hours a day.

Personal Emergency Response System

Tenants have access with a device they wear to notify Direct Care staff on duty if they need immediate assistance.

Onsite, independently operated MercyOne Clinic and Miller Pharmacy

Forest Plaza Assisted Living is on the main/upper level, with the ease of an elevator ride to lower level you can have healthcare at MercyOne, or pharmacy needs with Miller Pharmacy.  Tenants also choose to stay with their providers or switch to onsite providers, your choice.

Medication Assistance

Medication assistance helps ensure the right dose at the right time.  Direct Care, who have completed the Medication Manager requirements, are responsible for administration.  RN’s coordinate with providers and pharmacy.


Three delicious and nutritious meals are provided daily in our spacious dining room.  Meal participation is your decision.  If plans come up with family and friends to go out that is fine by letting staff know.


Weekly housekeeping provides dusting, bathroom cleaning, garbage collection, minor straightening of room, vacuuming and sheet change every other week.

Shower Assistance

Respectful shower assistance depends on tenant preference.  Standby assistance or request for staff to just be in the apartment gives reassurance if need arises for additional help.


Forest Plaza provides weekly laundry service for personal items if tenant selects.    Individual loads per tenant are washed with tenant provided laundry soap.

Laundry Rooms

If a tenant prefers to do their own laundry four washer/dryer laundry rooms are available within close proximity to their apartment.


Social interaction of tenants is important, and participation is encouraged.  Activities include weekly Sunday online worship, Monday Vesper church service, BINGO, Tuesday Community Coffee, Friday Happy Hour w/birthday celebrations, every other Friday music therapy, Saturday reading group, exercise, guest singers/speakers, manicures, games, crafts and many more opportunities to be involved.


Both for gals and guys.  Forest Plaza has independent outside beauty operator(s) that come in and do hair services for our tenants that choose to have this service.  The salon is available if the family wants to help tenants with hair washing as well.

Spacious Facility also includes:

Reading/library, tv lounges, and other common areas to sit and roam.  Provided coffee, flavored water and snacks daily.  Patio and courtyard seating.

Winter/Short-Term Stay

Forest Plaza Assisted Living, depending on availability offers apartments/services for someone wanting to spend the winter. Also, personalized care for an individual that needs short-term care if recuperation from hospitalization is needed.